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Technology Development for Today and Beyond the Next Generation

Kawata products combine award winning design features, with world-renowned Japanese space saving technology, to provide our customers the most advanced equipment available.

Kawata products provide unsurpassed functionality at a competitive cost that keeps value conscious manufactures returning to us for fast and effective solutions. 

Kawata's advanced design technology allows for the easy utilization of built in exhaust heat recovery. Those, reducing to level of green house gas emissions and saves on overall energy usage.  

Japanese design technology is world-renowned for its efficient space utilization. At Kawata our products indeed, do more with less! The less being taking up essential plant floor space without compromising equipment performance.



Sales Rep


KAWATA USA Illinois seeks commission sales reps to join our team. 

Take everything you ever learned about sales and throw it in the gutter! 

This position makes a commission-only salary with the potential to earn over $100,000 per year. Also, we provide in-house training to acquire more about Kawata machines for you. 

Kawata USA puts our customers' needs first. 

Our customers' satisfaction is our number one priority, and we pride ourselves on providing them with the best products and services. Whether they need new machines and systems or a tune-up, our skilled and dedicated technicians are ready to help. Must stay current on the latest trends and qualifications in the industry so that our team is always the most qualified for industries and labs.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us. 

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