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Due to the adhesion of moisture on the surface to the resin pellets and hygroscopicity inside the resin, it tends to be affected by temperature, humidity, etc. Generally, drying before molding is necessary. 
Drying troubles such as not being appropriately dried, not being sufficiently dried, and having variations in drying may cause molding defects. 
Kawata has a great lineup that creates optimal dry conditions for various resin pellets.

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Pellets · pigments · additives · crushed materials etc., are weighed and then mixed. It is essential for cost reduction of raw materials and unattended in the coloring process. In 1971, Kawata developed the world's first weighing method (current mass weighing type), and since then, has established precise weighing technology.

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Conveyers are machines that become the basis of factory automation. It is required to transport materials effectively and efficiently in limited space. By combining with other models, we will realize a factory layout that suits our customers' needs.

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In plastic molding, it is the mold that most affects the quality of molded parts. Simultaneously, as highly accurate mold processing, high-quality products can be produced by thoroughly controlling the mold's temperature. In addition, we are improving the molding cycle and are also helping to reduce the cost. In laminating process, rolls are kept at optimum adhesion temperature, and procedures requiring precision can also be cleared. In this way, temperature management is an essential factor in quality control in various manufacturing industries. Kawata is a long-seller temperature controller in operation for 30 years, 30 countries globally, and sales volume exceeding 70,000 units. We are helping to ensure reliable temperature management at the manufacturing site.

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It is a machine that crushes runners of injection molding and defective molded products for recycling and volume reduction purposes. We will select the model according to the size, shape, and pulverization amount (capacity) of pulverized material.

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The super mixer combines the original designed stirring blades, causing the ideal flow motion by rotating at high speed, making it possible to mix and disperse various materials in a short time in a short time. Broad effects can be obtained in mixing, dispersion, granulation, crushing, drying, coating, impregnation, surface treatment, etc.