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Lithium-ion Battery Separator Film
                     wet process

1. Supermixer Li-B

High-Speed Fluidizing Mixer (Positive electrode active material) for Lithium-ion battery cathode
  We have sold over 500 mixers in last 15 years.

2. Powder Feeding Unit 


    Wingscaler       WS-100S
3.  Supermixer Piccolo
     Compact and Desktop Type

Ceramic coating for the battery application

3-2.  Supermixer Piccolo (Specification of Tungsten Carbide Spray)
     LI-B Desktop mixer for cathode material
The upper lid packing has been changed to silicon (transparent).
It is recommended that the shaft and blade shafts be not sprayed because the spanner hanging part of the shaft and blade shaft may be exposed to Tungsten Carbide spraying or peeling off due to the impact of a spanner, etc., is not a wearable part.
Power supply: AC100V/50Hz
Control: AC100V

Installation location: indoor, nonhazardous area
SPECIFIED COMPONENT: No (Kawata standard)
Raw materials used: cathode material powder - Bulk density: 0.6 - 1.3
End product: LIB

Model: SMP-2
Tank size: 1.8L
Feed Volume: 0.4 - 1.0L
Jacket container: Capacity: 1.2L (effective)
Power Supply: AC100V (Single) 50Hz
Power capacity: 200W
Blade rotation speed: 300 - 3000rpm (Inverter continuously variable transmission)

Blades shape: Upper Blade- Type S
                          Lower Blade - Type B
Accessory: Power cable 5m
Tank inner surface Tungsten Carbide spraying
Shaft, sealing outer surface Tungsten Carbide thermal spraying
4. High Efficiency Power Disperser
    Nanopersion     HEPD-100
    "High-speed" improved and stable process!
HEPD - 100 Nanodeion.JPG
5. High Speed Floating Mixer
    Superfloater      SFC-50
     Applicable to high precision mixing of various materials, even the gravity is different
Super Floater.PNG

High speed floating mixer

Super floater


Energy conservation, high precision mixing of three-dimensional movement

  • With mixing of three-dimensional movement, energy conservation of 1/3 (compared with our company) of the conventional mixer

  • Mixing accuracy is high, stable mixing of powder, grain and liquid is possible

  • It is mixed in the plastic bag, there is no scattering, cleaning of the can is unnecessary. Remove the bag with the mixed material

SFC-50 ①

SFC-50 ②

We have SFC-50 in Illinois. If you would like to try this, please contact us. 

6.  High Efficiency Dry Dispersion Mixer (compact) 
Nano Pocket Piccolo


7. Powder Processing Machines And System
Powder trace quantitative feeder
Fines BitFB-1000

Quantitative continuous supply of ultra trace amount 100 g / h to 1000 g / h

  • Can supply a very small amount of ultrafine particles

  • High accuracy: Within ± 1 to 3 wt% of set value

  • Application: Food, automobile, machine, chemical, mining, precision machinery, battery ...

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