1. Supermixer Li-B

High-Speed Fluidizing Mixer (Positive electrode active material) for Lithium-ion battery cathode

  We have sold over 500 mixers in last 15 years.

2. Powder Feeding Unit 
    Wingscaler       WS-100S
3.  Supermixer Piccolo
     Compact and Desktop Type
HEPD - 100 Nanodeion.JPG
Super Floater.PNG
4. High Efficiency Power Disperser
    Nanopersion     HEPD-100
    "High-speed" improved and stable process!
5. High Speed Floating Mixer
    Superfloater      SFC-50
     Applicable to high precision mixing of various materials, even the gravity is different

High speed floating mixer

Super floater


Energy conservation, high precision mixing of three-dimensional movement

  • With mixing of three-dimensional movement, energy conservation of 1/3 (compared with our company) of the conventional mixer

  • Mixing accuracy is high, stable mixing of powder, grain and liquid is possible

  • It is mixed in the plastic bag, there is no scattering, cleaning of the can is unnecessary. Remove the bag with the mixed material

SFC-50 ①

SFC-50 ②

We have SFC-50 in Illinois. If you would like to try this, please contact us.