Crashed process

 *Square type of cutter house opening 360mm x 335mm [14.17" x 13.19'] (KGC-350) can crush                               even large runners in three dimensions.

 *Since the coarse crushing blade cover is detachable, cleaning is easy.                                                     *Die steel (equivalent to D2) is used for the blade, making it ideal for runners with glass filler.                               *A scissor cut is used for the coarse crushing blade to improve crushing efficiency and reduce                               the cause of powder generation.

 *The input hopper and the receiving hopper can be freely laid out every 90 degrees according to                          the installation conditions.

*Conveying equipment is the primary machine for factory automation. It is required to bring materials efficiently and without waste in a limited space. In addition, by combining with other models, we can realize a factory layout that meets the needs of our customers.

*Single loader, twin loader, floor-standing blower unit, Dust collection cyclone Filter, Easy to clean them. 

Metal guard MG series

Prevents iron powder from being mixed with the force of the magnet, preventing damage and failure of the molding machine.

  • Collected at VL loader outlet

MagnepowerⅡ​ ​SFW series

It prevents the entry of iron powder by the force of magnetic force and prevents breakage and breakdown of molding machine / extruder

  • Collect on transport line

Magnet Separator SMKM (SMKK) series

It prevents the entry of iron powder by the force of magnetic force and prevents breakage and breakdown of molding machine / extruder

  • Collected in various hoppers

Fines Separator FS series

Removing fine powder and foreign matter mixed in plastic pellets, contributing to quality and productivity improvement

  • Wide processing capacity: 100 to 1000 kg / h

  • Very compact. It can be incorporated in the existing equipment.

  • High separation removal ratio: 97% or more

Xeno filter XF series

Removes fine powder and foreign matter by centrifugal force, improves forming trouble

  • High efficiency removal of fine powder / foreign matter by centrifugation using transport air as driving force

  • Onboard installation, can also be installed on existing transport hoppers

  • Easy to disassemble / clean with simple structure

Dust Separator DSA series

Simple removal of dust by centrifugation

  • Installed on the way of transportation piping

  • You can choose the size according to the amount and size of dust

H tank H series

Available in 3 types to choose according to usage

  • Material: Grained part SUS

  • Capacity: 50 L to 1000 L

  • Depending on the number of suction ports and caliber options


Simple blending type

Mick tank
MT series

Ideal for stocking two types of materials (primary material + crushed material), simple weighing, and crushed material return
The mixing ratio is variable plate type and easy setting.
0.2kVA power saving
Easy switch ON / OFF operation

​Auto selector​ ​​ ​SL series​ ​

Ideal for simple mixing of main material and pulverized material (crushed material return)

  • Transport two types of materials alternately

  • Free formulation by timer

​Autocolor Ⅱ​ ​​ ​ACA-Z series​ ​

Conveying Machine Noise-saving space-saving, high-function, high-precision (± 0.3% full scale or less) weigh mixer

  • Color touch panel. "Easy mode" with easy setting operation installed

  • Easy removal of parts, easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Reduce material loss in "SUPPLY MODE"

 ​Auto Color Limited​ ​​ ​LC-50Z​ ​

Ultimate simple structure, low cost, short time cleaning, space saving

  • Cleaning time is 1/4 of ACA (about 10 minutes)

  • Easy operation interface

  • Space saving, reduction rate 70% * Compared to our company

KGC series

Conveying process


Powder / foreign matter removal process